Design with Style

Keeping Track of The Details

Sheldrake Point Winery contacted InHouse Design to design a new Beta Series Label. As we worked through our process with them to create these new labels, Sheldrake asked if we would also oversee and apply this process to their classic labels. We developed a style guide to ensure multiple contributors maintain consistency that reflects the corporate style including all design details.

Efficiency And Consistency Are Key

Label updates are now submitted to InHouse Design, and artwork is created, then sent to Dave Breeden, Winery Manager at Sheldrake Point Winery, for approval. Once approved, InHouse sends the artwork to the label printer and oversees the proofing process. Every label in the Sheldrake Point Winery collection is included in the guide and updated annually for changes and additions. New labels are added to the guide as they are produced for the vintage year, with details, modifications, and additions noted alphabetically.

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