These web related tutorials were published for our clients to use as reference. Please contact us with any questions.

How to Publish a PDF

You may follow these instructions to publish a PDF link to a page or post. First ensure your document is named appropriately for the web (see our tutorial on Proper File Naming Conventions). Upload your file to the Media Library. Once in the Media Library you may drag files from your hard drive to the browser window more»

SpamTitan Quarantine Report Settings Screenshot

How to Manage Spam Email with SpamTitan

InHouse uses SpamTitan to filter email that we host on our server. Basically, SpamTitan filters incoming email before it hits our server and quarantines spam rather than deliver it so we are as safe as possible. If an email receives a high enough spam score, SpamTitan quarantines the email for 20 days. Spam Quarantine Report Below is more»

SEO Coaching Tool - Content Analysis

SEO Coaching Tool Manual

Each website InHouse builds comes with a powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool built right in. This coaching tool provides great insight as to how to best optimize a page or post for search engines. InHouse pre-fills the tool prior to launch, then you can modify the content as desired. Snippet Editor Section The snippet editor shows more»

Email Settings Tutorial Screenshot

Email Configuration

This tutorial contains information on how to access your email when hosted with InHouse. Information includes Webmail access, IMAP and POP configuration settings and Spam Quarantine access. more»

Proper File Naming Conventions

Filenames should always be lowercase with hyphens separating keywords rather than spaces or other characters. Reasons for File Naming Conventions There are three main reasons for using these file naming conventions: Lowercase letters and hyphens are easier to remember and re-type if a visitor needs to type out a URL. If all filenames are lowercase, more»