Sheldrake Point Winery re-brand

CASE STUDY: Sheldrake Point Winery

Client: Sheldrake Point Winery

Project: The rebranding of Sheldrake Point Winery on Cayuga Lake using their existing logo while helping to promote a new satellite tasting room on Seneca Lake to reflect that same brand identity.

Duration: Two years, Ongoing


While undergoing significant changes to their business that included the construction of a second, high-end tasting room on Seneca Lake and the move away from hosting a restaurant that had become synonymous with their Cayuga Lake winery, the principals of Sheldrake Point saw both a need and an opportunity. They requested a defining brand, mission, and core values statement that would help guide them and their staff as they navigate a new business model.


Sheldrake Point hired InHouse Design to redefine their brand. We started with a marketing consultant who helped focus the players and to define their goals. We evaluated the effectiveness of strategies that Sheldrake Point had used in the past. We also researched the local industry (Wine Trails) as well as independent wineries.

The next step was to define the core values and the audiences. From there, we developed the marketing concept, mission statement, and tagline (“Spend an hour with us, change the way you enjoy wine forever.”)


Staff buy-in was immediate and they worked towards incorporating the concepts into the tasting rooms.

Since the end of 2010, and through the end of 2013, Wine Club sales have grown 54% and total sales have grown 33%.

Today, we are helping them live the newly-defined brand through their website and collateral materials, public relations efforts, and strategic marketing consultation.

After three years, our client is still saying: ”Wow! Look how far we’ve come and how good we look. You pulled all our stuff together and elevated the perception of our product in the marketplace.”