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CASE STUDY: Secor Lumber and Secor Building Solutions merge to form SECOR

Client: SECOR

Project: The branding of SECOR

Duration: 10 months


Secor came to InHouse when they realized their corporate identity was so incongruous that it could cause confusion or missed opportunities with prospective customers.

They also wished to consolidate their two operations Secor Lumber, a retail home improvement, and equipment rental operation and Secor Building Solutions, a design-build residential and commercial construction company and market themselves under one name.


Starting from the ground up, InHouse created a new logo and tagline for SECOR that was simple, contemporary and versatile. An identity manual was also designed to aid SECOR in future advertising promotional relationships with various vendors to maintain brand continuity.

InHouse conducted an audit of the SECOR website and consulted on how to incorporate the new identity, color scheme, a simplified design as well as solve some confusing organization and navigation issues.

Other areas that needed some help were promotional materials, advertising design and trade show displays. InHouse worked with SECOR to create a unified look and feel for all of the above including jobsite signage and employee clothing.


SECOR achieved continuity of brand across the board and now have many tools in which to grow and promote that brand. Their image is clean, professional and contemporary, reinvigorating the 70 year old company.